Quiche Lorraine

Savoury short pastry, enough to line a standard tart mould
200 grams of crispy bacon or plain ham
300 mls of fresh cream
100 mls milk
4-5 eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
200 grams rated gruyere or tasty cheese
Line the tart mould with the rolled savoury pastry, overlapping the edges so if it shrinks you still have a full tart.
In a pan slightly fry the bacon until golden brown, (or use ham but do not fry), don't use any oil there is enough fat in the bacon. Drain it off.
At the bottom of the tart, spread 1/2 the cheese evenly, spread bacon on top, then the rest of cheese. In a bowl wisk together the eggs, the cream and milk.
Season to taste and pour over the tart to fill it up.
Cook in a pre-heated oven, fan bake about 30-40 minutes.
When cooked let it rest for 10 - 15 minutes before slicing.
Serve with a nice fresh salad and a glass of Rose.
Bon Apetit !!!

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